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In the instructions below, substitute your lower-cased UW Net ID wherever you see "uwnetid".

Last updated: 4 Oct 2017

Internet Connections

To use a wireless, cable or DSL modem connection, simply use the tools below directly.

Secure Email Access

Students can use either UW Outlook Live, UW Google Email, or, if you have a UW Net Id created prior to 1 Jul 2010, Alpine.

Faculty and staff can use Outlook/Exchange.

Web Pages

Student web pages for Institute of Technology-authorized work are allowed from your Windows home directory (also called a network shared directory).

Substitute your own lower-cased UW Net ID for "uwnetid" below.

  1. Create a directory called www in the root directory of your share (use this script to properly set permissions for the web server to be able to read your files):


  2. Create a file called index.html in that directory.

    For example, put these lines in that file:

    <title>My Web Page</title>
    <h2>Hello, World!</h2>
  3. Refer to your web page as:

For more capabilities on other systems, see:

Access to Windows Home Directory

You can securely upload and download files using your campus Windows home directory from your residence (or elsewhere), using a secure shell program such as PuTTY and a window-based secure transfer program, such as WinSCP. To do so, you use the software and specify a host computer called (also known as

The current secure file transfer approach requires using PuTTY to log into, which is a Linux system. As of 14 Sep 2016, you should use your UW Net ID for the user name and your MyUW password to login to repos/cssgate.

  1. INSTTECH Home Directory (Institute lab computers)

    Your Windows home directory must be mounted on that system to gain access to it. You do so after logging on by entering:

    then enter your login password when prompted, much like you can currently "map a network drive" on Windows. Your home directory is actually a shared directory that Windows knows about and that can be shared to a Linux system.

    To gain access to your files in your Windows home directory:

    1. Login

      You must use PuTTY to login to using your UW Net ID as a login name and your MyUW login password.

    2. If you want access to your Windows home directory, enter:

      and enter your INSTTECH password when prompted.

    3. Look at the directory listing:
          cd win
    4. Transfer files using WinSCP
    5. The win directory is automatically unmounted when you exit.
    6. When finished, exit WinSCP and then in PuTTY, exit the command shell.

      Doing this explicitly helps Linux to better manage its processes.

  2. UWT Home Directory (classroom/campus computers)

    The current method uses a web browser to gain authenticated access to your classroom/non-Institute login account's home directory.

    Faculty, staff and students must follow the information concerning "Can I access my files from off-campus?" on this web page.

Change Log

4 Oct 2017 Fixed broken links.
22 May 2017 Emphasized lower-cased uwnetid for login.
14 Sep 2016 Changed references to INSTTECH passwords for cssgate/repos login
30 Aug 2010 Changed secure email access for students and faculty/staff, and revised instructions on how to use PuTTY and WinSCP to access the Windows home directory, due to the removal of licensing for SSH Tectia in November 2010.
5 May 2010 Changed reference to webpine to reference to Alpine
7 Jan 2010 Removed references UWICK, which is no longer supported, and provided direct links to Tera Term Pro and SSH Tectia client software, and other minor editorial changes.
10 Apr 2006 Removed reference to mountuwt and added references to UWT Computer Services' Remote File Access (RFA) service.
7 Jan 2006 Added University Bookstore as a source for UWICK
3 Jan 2006 Changed means of making the H:\www folder to using a script
7 Oct 2004 Removed mention of UWICK containing SSH, and added generalized mounthome information
5 Oct 2004 Emphasized, added info about mountuwt,removed PHP capability
2 Oct 2003 Changed domain from UWTCSS to INSTTECH
16 Jan 2003 Changed cssgate login instructions
21 Oct 2002 Original document

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