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Last updated: 5 Oct 2021

During Covid-19 campus restrictions, most labs are only open for any SET students to use Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm. Select other labs are open during scheduled lab times or as indicated by the instructor.

As of the Autumn 2021 quarter (5 Oct 2021), your Husky card should provide access to the building in which there is a SET Lab. If you need access to a SET Lab that uses the older Proxcard key cards, your instructor has made a request for them and they will be distributed via CP 133 when we are provided with them.

You only receive access to the general development labs (DOU 110, SCI 106 and SCI 108) and one corresponding building entrance. Access to other labs is obtained by permission from the faculty manager of that lab.

See below for specific buildings and labs.

SET Lab Buildings Cherry-Parkes Labs Science Labs TPS Labs Dougan Lab Academic Building ME Labs

Buildings which contain SET labs are highlighted in red above.

Click on a building for hours and other information about SET labs, or choose from the following:

Lab Reservations

Labs may be reserved by faculty and staff for use by specific classes or reasons. Often when a lab is reserved, available workstations may be used if you don't mind the teaching that is occurring and don't interfere with the class, but the ultimate decision on this resides with the faculty member who reserved the lab.

Click here to see lab reservations (requires authentication)

Here is some help about using the Booked scheduler which provides the ability to see and make reservations in our labs:

Change Log

5 Oct 2021 Added information about restricted hours during Covid-19 campus restrictions, Academic Building ME Labs web page link. Updated lab buildings image map.
5 Sep 2018 Added TPS Labs web page link. Updated lab buildings image map.
20 Dec 2017 Changed lab reservation web page link
1 Apr 2016 Changed lab reservation viewing to require SET membership
9 Jan 2013 Added better description of key card access
28 Jan 2009 Added lab reservations calendar
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14 Jan 2005 Better explanation of hours of operation
25 May 2004 Original document

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