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When an alarm sounds, evacuate, never second guess or assume the alarm false or a test, evacuate to the Evacuation Map with Assembly Points. This area is varies with your campus location.

  1. As you evacuate, assist others and ensure those with disabilities in your work area are being assisted, don't presume this is being done by others.

  2. Do not use the elevators, they will be non-functional after alarm sounds.

  3. As you leave your work area, ensure that all are leaving and have left, do this by asking if they are leaving.

  4. As you leave grab outer wear appropriate to weather conditions and personal belongings , i.e.; pursue, wallet and car keys.

  5. You have a responsibility to your self and family, to know the location of emergency exits for your work area.

  6. Once you have arrived at the command center-evacuation location, ensure that all persons in your work area are accounted for, and advise emergency personnel if they are not.

    1. The fire department request persons with disabilities be brought to area near the stairwells to await fire personnel.
    2. If emergency requires the person with disabilities immediate evacuation, ask this person the proper procedure to move them. Follow their direction.
    3. Ensure enough personnel are on hand, be a team during evacuation.
    4. PRE-PLANNING and discussion with a person with a disability about their evacuation may save time in an emergency.

    The streets and parking areas around the main campus are fire lanes, which will be used by emergency vehicles entering Commerce, Pacific and 19th. Parking areas. It becomes necessary to use an area for a command post which will not interfere with fire and emergency vehicles.

    Please ensure that you first go this area so that all can be accounted for.

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