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Last updated: 8 Nov 2018

Authorized Use

Please refer to for UW policy.

Rules and Guidelines

Please follow these rules and state guidelines to keep the labs safe, clean, and productive. For additional information, refer to

Important UW Technology Guidelines

  1. DO be sensitive to the public nature of shared facilities
  2. DO follow the posted rules
  3. DO NOT bring food into the area
  4. DO NOT copy and/or use software, images, music, or other intellectual property unless you are certain that you have the right to do so. (See the page on software copyright policy for more details.)
  5. DO NOT create excessive noise at anytime or play games when others are waiting for a workstation
  6. DO NOT play games or use Internet Relay Chat (IRC) on any of the other UW IT (or SET Lab) machines. Games are made available and supported by student volunteers, but only on the student simulation machine named Becker.
  7. DO NOT display on-screen images, sounds, or messages that could create an atmosphere of discomfort or harassment for others

UWT School of Engineering and Technology Lab Guidelines

  1. DO use headphones, with the volume turned down low enough so that other students cannot hear.
  2. Key cards:
    • DO NOT share your key card with anyone
    • DO report promptly any thefts or losses of key cards so they can be deactivated as soon as possible
    • DO NOT let students without a lab key card in a key-card access lab.

      Instead, have them contact campus security at #333 -- you don't know why they don't have or no longer have access.

  3. DO NOT print materials not related to the currently enrolled SET course.
  4. DO throw away any trash, compostables and recyclables outside of the lab in designated bins.

Change Log

8 Nov 2018 Changed policy on trash removal to include compostables and recyclables, and changed bin locations to outside the lab.
25 Apr 2017 Removed section on "Authorized Use" that was not consistent with University policy
1 Mar 2008 Added section on "Authorized Use"
21 Feb 2007 Included all labs and PNK130; removed Computing and Software Systems emphasis; updated HTML code, added this section and "Last updated:" field;
27 Sep 2004 Original File

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