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Last Updated: 15 Sep 2015

Automating the collection of assignments that are stored electronically is some professors' idea of nirvana. For your information, here are some techniques that we are aware of:

Technique Advantages Disadvantages
stored on student's removable media physical medium; easy to identify; cannot be changed can have boot sector virus; easy to lose; unreliable media
stored on student's home directory can be secured by student; snapshot of files is possible requires setup by student and data collection program
student stores in course directory under student subdirectory data is in the right place; simple collection students can update the data if not snapshot on due date
student stores program in Subversion repository on repos/cssgate via Faculty Access Permissions facility, faculty can simply check out student program for review/grading must be manually set up by SET lab staff

Change Log

15 Sep 2015 Added subversion repository for student programs
24 Oct 2002 Original document

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