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Last Updated: 15 Sep 2015

Installing software usually requires that you have permission to administer your computer. You can request that you get "Local Administrator" rights to your computer by sending an email to tachelp.

Once you have the right, if you still can't install the software, it is possible that the software requires the actual Administrator account installs the software. In that case, send an email to either csslab or to tachelp.

Available Software

We have some licenses of popular software reserved for faculty and staff use. A list of such software is forthcoming. In the meantime, please send email to csslab.


  1. C: drive failure

    Software is normally installed to your C: drive. This is where it should be installed as well, but if your C: drive fails, you will have to re-install all of your installed applications again. Computer Services would set you up with a new disk drive and install the operating system and the standard set of applications. Also, you will most likely lose any settings or configuration you have made, since they are placed in the Windows registry.

  2. Default save location

    The default location to save files is often on the C: drive. This is not a good place to save anything since it is not backed up. You should save all private files to the H: drive and all shared files to the "S:\SET_of_Technology" directory.

  3. Other operating systems

    Computer Services is very familiar with Windows-based and Mac-based operating systems, but has little or no experience with any others.

    If you have a problem setting up a Linux system, send email to csslab and we will try to help.

Change Log

15 Sep 2015 Updated for different drives and email addresses
23 Oct 2002 Original document

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