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Last Updated: 14 Sep 2016

Please forgive some of the simplistic explanations given. We may decide to reuse some of these for students and outside guests, who may not be as sophisticated users as our faculty -- the GCR (Greatest Common Reader) algorithm. ;-)

  1. For the classroom, how do I...

  2. For my office, how do I...

  3. For the labs, how do I...

    Change Log

    14 Sep 2016 Updated link to the "Institute of Technology Labs" presentation
    16 Sep 2015 Added link to the "Institute of Technology Labs" presentation
    15 Sep 2015 Removed various links to old information
    25 Mar 2009 Removed "track graduate lab resources"; added "get equipment signout sheets?"
    21 Oct 2008 Added "determine how Teaching and Research Labs (TARLs) are managed?"
    11 Sep 2007 Added "use JUnit?"
    6 May 2003 Added "track graduate lab resources?"
    20 Mar 2003 Added "log changes to faculty-administered computers?"
    8 Nov 2002 Added "conserve lab resources?"
    29 Oct 2002 Added "find out plans for the labs?"
    24 Oct 2002 Original document

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